Major Emergency Incidents

With the help of our neighboring fire departments, the MFFD has responded to many major emergency incidents, including those highlighted below. Please step through the tabs to learn about these events.

1919-High School Fire

  • The Menomonee Falls High School burned to the ground on June 27, 1919. Flames spread so rapidly that it became a mass of ruins within an hour after the alarm. It is believed to have started from burning materials in the incinerator, igniting the wood shingle roof of the main structure. With little or no water to fight the fire, firemen and residents could do little but watch it burn. In an effort to save contents and records, a young man, Elwood Burkhardt, was severely burned. His rescue was fast, he even walked to first aid, but 36 hours later he died.

1924?-Baer Block Building Fire

1940-Theater Fire

  • On June 5, 1940, a fire caused by defective wiring destroyed the theater. It burned down again years later.Theater Fire Opens in new window

1946 Held's Cafe and Bowling Alley Explosion

  • On July 26, 1946, a terrific blast caused the most disastrous havoc in the history of the village and many escaped death or injury. A terrific gas explosion, heard for miles, shook the entire village and completely destroyed Held's Café and Bowling Alley. Glass was shattered from windows on many nearby businesses, and Caesar's Plumbing and Heating, next door, was blown from its foundation and totally destroyed.
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