Menomonee River Clean-Up Event

River cleanup cable 2018
Come and Have Fun!

If you are interested in doing a River Cleanup event during the year with your group, please contact Nancy for new areas that can be picked for your cleanup. Gloves and bags will be supplied to help your effort.


  • Thank you to all our Sponsors in 2018:
  • Milwaukee Riverkeeper Non-Profit Group (Organizer of the Event)
  • Waste Management
  • Ally's Bistro
  • Pepsi

Weirdest Items Found Contest at 2017's event


 Menomonee River Cleanup (58 of 63)sm

    WINNER Max Kachelek: Vernors ginger ale bottle 1950’s

    Hammer head
    Light bulb
    Baby nook
    Happy Birthday Balloon
    Soccer ball
    Deer jaw skull
    Plastic Ducky
    Yarn ball
    Kong dog toy
    Teal cone
    22 year old coupon
    Lip smacker
    Squirt bottle top
    Snowflake topper
    Red and white sign
    Flat beer bottle
    Hotel room key
    3 colorful PVC tubes and 2 sign posts
    Broken golf ball
    Orange vodka shot bottle from New Amsterdam
    Clean white sock
    Advance Auto Part receipt
    Flower pot
    Trail mix
    Old rusty wire rim glasses
    Trek bike
    Trailer tire
    Upper skull
    Porcelain pieces
    Light bulb base
    Green glass tile
    Pabst lid and Milwaukee glass bottle
    Glass bottle
    Mt. dew can
    Boy scout tie holder
    Candle holder
    Mini drone
    Creepy baby doll
    At&t cable cover
    Blue sled
    Respirator set-up patient bag
    Toy garbage truck
    Folding lawn chair
    Parking sign
    Field marker
    Vintage bottles
    Red brick
    Fire extinguisher holder
    Tennis racket
    2 balls
    Car part
    Truck fender
    Broken grabber
    Ear buds




Oakwood Park 2013