1. Assessing

    Access property size, assessment value, and property sale information.

  2. Building

    Find information on permits, inspections, and building guidelines. Permit applications are available online as well.

  3. Clerk Services

    Learn about the responsibilities and services of the Village Clerk.

  4. Community Development

    Find plans for future developments, signs, zoning, building requirements, etc. Building Inspection, Permitting, Zoning, and Planning are all a part of Community Development.

  5. Engineering

    Information on municipal projects, special assessments, permits for roads and environment can be found at the Engineering Department.

  6. Financial Services

    Information on the budget and financial statements are located here.

  7. Fire

    Browse information about the Fire Department.

  8. Municipal Court

    Check out the Municipal Court of Menomonee Falls.

  9. Parks & Forestry

    Take a look at the Parks and Forestry Department.

  10. Police

    Read about the Police Department.

  11. Public Works

    Access information about the Public Works Department.

  12. Utilities

    Discover information about the Utility Department.

  13. Zoning Department

    Learn about the Zoning Department.