Pet Waste Pick-up Program

Disposal Sign Example PhotoPet Waste Disposal Systems
The Village now has 14 Pet Waste Disposal Systems (Dogipot) located in the following parks that include bags to use to pick up pet waste.
  • Lime Kiln Park (south parking lot)
  • Rotary Park (Fond du Lac Ave. parking lot)
  • Rotary Park (MacArthur Dr. parking lot)
  • Rivers Edge Park on Parkview Dr. (on entrance fence)
  • Lime Kiln Park (North end of Park)
  • Willowood Park (adjacent to the parking lot)
  • Mill Pond Park (parking lot near shelter)
  • Oakwood Park (west end of pond path)
  • Menomonee River Parkway (East of Pilgrim Rd across from Riverside Park)
  • Grand Ave. and Forest Ave. along the parkway
  • Shady Lane on the north end along a walking path
  • Old Falls Village
  • Custer and Shady Lane near the Tamarack Preserve parking lot
Oakwood Park
This program is to encourage proper pet waste disposal and reduce the stormwater pollution of our rivers. The disposal system includes bio-degradable bags to be used and thrown into the garbage bins.

See our Dogipot display inside the Village Hall Lobby.