What can the village do about my yard flooding?

After reporting the drainage problem, an inspection by staff will be conducted.  If it is determined that temporary yard flooding during severe storm events is occurring without residual problems, no further action will be taken. Temporary storm water detention in yards and ditches is desirable to help prevent flooding further downstream by moving excess runoff through the area in a slower manner.

Neighbor’s Downspout
The Village of Menomonee Falls does not have an ordinance requiring that downspouts be located a certain distance from the property line. We would like to see down spouts no closer than 5-10 feet from the lot line if possible. We encourage the property owner to protect their property with a properly graded swale, leading to an acceptable area. Property owners can contact the Engineering Department to see what would be acceptable. Downspouts or swale will not be accepted in cases where the run-off would adversely impact village property up to and including sidewalks and roads.

Neighbor’s Sump Pump
All sump pumps installed for the purpose of discharging clear waters from foundation drains and ground infiltration, and where the building is not serviced by a storm sewer shall either discharge into a conduit leading to a drainage ditch or shall discharge onto the ground at least three feet out from the building and one foot above the permanent grade. The sump discharge pipe shall be to the front of the building except where a public drainage ditch, street or drainage easement is on another side of the property, it may be located on that side of the building at least three feet from the corner of the building and be located in such a manner that the drainage shall be across the owner’s property toward a street or drainage easement so as not to run on adjacent properties, or to create a nuisance. Sec. 18-329(d)

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