Zoning Department

Village Zoning Map

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The Zoning Map can also be viewed in the Department of Community Development in the Village Hall or call us at (262) 532-4270. Updates to the official Map may change periodically.

Village Zoning Code

The Village Zoning Code is Section 122 of the Village Code of Ordinances.

Residential Setback Information

Receiving zoning approval is generally the first step in the residential building process, followed by applying for and receiving a Building Permit or a Zoning Permit. You need to check with the Zoning Department for setback information before you construct a Principal Structure (home) or any Accessory Structure (fence, shed, pool, etc.). Or check the Zoning Map to determine your zoning district and use the following table to find your setbacks.
Residential Setback Information

For some projects, zoning approval is required as part of the review of an application for a Building Permit; in other instances such as small sheds and fences, only a Zoning Permit is required.