Special Investigations Bureau

The organizational purpose of the Special Investigation Bureau is to provide the professional expertise and resources necessary for quality investigations and service to the community.  Objectives of the Special Investigations Bureau include: the successful completion of all criminal investigations by securing the arrest and conviction of perpetrators, the recovery of stolen property, non-criminal investigations (i.e. background investigations and other administrative investigations),   crime scene and evidence management, maintenance of criminal identification information, intelligence, crime analysis, juvenile services, community relations, crime prevention and other responsibilities as may be assigned to specific individuals as well.

A wealth of experience and special skills reside in the Special Investigations Bureau.  This bureau addresses its objectives in a numbers of ways to include; conducting criminal/non-criminal investigations, assisting other bureaus/units, public service/speaking engagements, and participation and membership in various community service and law enforcement  organizations.  The Special Investigations Bureau further meets its objectives by regularly and systematically disseminating information to other bureaus/units within this Department and other law enforcement agencies.