Mission Statement & Community Vision

Mission Statement

The Village of Menomonee Falls is committed to open, ethical and responsive government, and will actively and responsibly strive to provide the highest quality of municipal services consistent with the changing needs and desires of the community and a realistic assessment of resources available.


Community Vision

The following Vision Statement was approved by the Village Board as part of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update. Each of the following components will be realized as part of the community life of the Village of Menomonee Falls:

  • A Safe, Family-Friendly Community
  • Housing Options to Meet the Needs of Residents of All Ages
  • Vibrant Interactive Neighborhoods that Promote Community Health
  • High Quality Business Development
  • Preservation of Natural Resources in Balance with Development
  • Responsive, Effective and Financially Sustainable Government Services
  • A Thriving Revitalized Historic Village Centre
  • A Safe and Well-Maintained Transportation Network
  • Quality, Comprehensive Education
  • Growing Cultural and Community Activities
  • Reinvestment in Aging Residential and Commercial Properties