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1. Is it illegal to operate in Wisconsin without your driver’s license on your person?
2. I am visiting Wisconsin from another state. How many days do I have to get a Wisconsin license?
3. I lost my license. How do I get another one?
4. I just moved. How long do I have to get my address changed on my license?
5. I don't have a Wisconsin driver’s license. How and where can I get a Wisconsin I.D. card?
6. We are going on a trip. My 16-year-old has an instructional permit. May she / he operate after dark, and how many passengers are allowed in the vehicle?
7. Do you need a driver’s license to operate a maintenance vehicle on the roadway?
8. Do you need a driver’s license to operate a construction vehicle in a construction zone?
9. How does the driver’s license point system work?
10. How do I reinstate if my license is revoked or suspended?
11. My license is suspended / revoked. How can I get an occupational license and where?
12. I have a suspended Wisconsin driver's license, but a valid license from another state. May I operate a vehicle in Wisconsin?