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Posted on: January 7, 2020

The Anonymity of Aggressive Driving

Photo of an angry man with his fist out of his car window

There has been much public discussion recently about reckless and aggressive driving, and we have seen news reports of the tragic consequences of people injured or killed in preventable traffic crashes.  A side of the problem you may not have considered is the role that anonymity plays.  We drive our vehicles on “public” roads with other members of the “public,” yet we feel like we are in the confines of our own private world because we are surrounded by sheet metal and glass.  We think we’re alone, but we’re not.  If you are doubtful, when was the last time you greeted the driver next to you with a nod or a smile at a red traffic signal like you would if passing them on the sidewalk?  Have you ever been annoyed at the loud bass coming from the stereo of the car beside you?  How about the driver in full-out rock mode singing, and dancing, to whatever music is playing in their car?  And finally, when was the last time your driving was effected by anger, resulting in driving too fast, running a yellow or red light, cutting-off another vehicle?  If we were to conduct ourselves while driving in a similar manner as when we are in other “public” places, a restaurant, a movie theater or a grocery store perhaps, aggressive driving may not be the issue it has been.  Happy New Year, and be safe!

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