2012 to Present

2012 to Present

In February, 2012, the Fire Department was combined with the Police Department, into a Protective Services Department, under the direction of Police Chief Anna Ruzinski, Director of Protective Services.

The Department entered an extensive planning phase to restructure the organization. After an 18 month push to attract more Paid-On-Call members (Jan 2011 to July 2012) a decision was made to restructure starting January 1, 2013. The paid-on-call system to deliver Fire and EMS protection after 1800 hours was eliminated from Stations 2 and Station 3. Station 1 volunteers still responded from home after 1800 hours, but their pay has been restructured.

All four fire stations are staffed by career, part-time or volunteer members 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with the exception of Station 1. Station 1 still has volunteer members responding from home 1800 to 0600 hours each week night and weekend nights.

Station 4 was opened for 24 hour service on January 1, 2013. This is the first time since the station was constructed in 1994 that members are continually staffing the station. This staffing format was allowed after the paid-on-call system was abandoned.

Every day, each station is staffed with the minimum of two Firefighter/Motor Pump Operator/Emergency Medical Technician A or B, who cross-staff an Engine and Ambulance Company. Extra positions at each station are filled by volunteer members of the department. Every night, part-time and volunteer members staff each station with the exception of Fire Station 1.

Currently, career firefighters work a 48 hour work week. Part-time firefighters need to work at least two 12 hour shifts per week and volunteer members need to work one 12 hour shift per week.

Employee & Reserve Members

The makeup of the Menomonee Falls Fire Department consists of:

  • Assistant Chief James Mollet started as a Battalion Chief in March 2013 and was promoted to Assistant Chief in January of 2014. His previous position was as a Battalion Chief for the city of Greenfield Fire Department.
  • Deputy Chief of Operations Don Umhoefer joined the department in 1981. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1988, Captain in 1991, Deputy Chief in 2001 and became full-time Deputy Chief in 2002.
  • Battalion Chief Kevin Rokenbrodt joined the department in 1999. He was promoted to Shift Lieutenant in June of 2013 and his position was elevated to Battalion Chief in January 2013.
  • Battalion Chief James Taylor was hired in 2008 as the Training Division Captain. He was reassigned to a Shift Supervisor in late 2012 and his position was elevated to Battalion Chief in 2013.
  • Battalion Chief Aaron Harvey started as a volunteer in 2003, moved to part-time in 2006, and was promoted to Lieutenant in 2008 and Battalion Chief in March of 2013.
  • In addition, there is one Captain, and 13 volunteer and part-time Lieutenants, who act as Company Officers or manage a division.


Over half the members have been on the department for three years or less, with the rest varying up to 33 years. The average time on the job with the Department is 6.72 years. There are 15 females on the Department. Currently, the department has an auxiliary (The Kindling) made up of women and men whose family members are fire department personnel. There are many opportunities for members to attend classes and seminars. Many of the members have joined the Department to acquire training and experience which allows them to apply for full-time positions with the Menomonee Falls Fire Department or other career departments.

Volunteer members are compensated with a monthly stipend of $50. Volunteer members must work one twelve (12) hour shift per week. The volunteer member is compensated $20 for each twelve hour shift worked in-station. Members who respond from home on calls for service when requested by the Department are compensated with $20 per call. There are no longer traditional Paid-on-Call members. There are currently 80 volunteer members who are Firefighter/MPO/EMTs, Firefighter/EMTs, Firefighter or just EMT-Basic or Advanced. Currently, the Department does not deliver an Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) service, but is making future plans.

Current Activity & Equipment

In 2012, the Menomonee Falls Fire Department responded to 2,765 calls for emergency service. Emergency Medical Calls accounted for 2,064, and non-emergency medical calls accounted for 701 (Fires, Hazardous Materials, Dangerous Situations, Mutual Aid and Good Intent). The Department is part of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) and routinely responds to and requests assistance from surrounding communities. We also have automatic aid for Fire, Emergency Medical Service and Special Team Service from the villages of Butler, Germantown, Lannon, Sussex, town of Lisbon and the Cities of Mequon and Milwaukee. Menomonee Falls responded to fifty-seven mutual aid calls in 2012.

Currently our apparatus consists of four engine companies, two truck companies (quints), four ambulances (EMT-Advance Provider), one heavy rescue squad, two mini pumpers, two water tenders, one command unit, one mobile command post, four staff vehicles and several trailers.