Obtaining Records

Overview of Requesting Records

In the State of Wisconsin, access to governmental records is governed by WI §19.31 - §19.39. The Chief of Police is the custodian of records for the Menomonee Falls Police Department. Requests for records can be made orally or written. The written request form is available at the police department business office which is staffed 24-hours a day, or available on-line. However, the records request may not be immediately reviewed when submitted outside of Monday through Friday (8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.). When submitting a written request for a record, the Open records & DPPA forms must be completed and sent to MFPD. We are able to accept the forms via email DBraatz@menomonee-falls.org or fax (262)532-8769. The forms may also be dropped off at, or mailed to, the Menomonee Falls Police Department's Business Office. The request will be reviewed to determine if we have a record responsive to your request. If records are located, a member of our staff will contact you if the record can or cannot be released, when it is available for pick-up, and the total cost for copies.


Photocopies of 8½” x 11” records will be provided at $0.25 per page. Requests for records requiring reproduction to electronic media (CD, DVD, flash drive) will be provided at $15.00 per storage device.  Requests for records that can be sent electronically will be provided to the requester at no charge.  These records may be subject to file size limitations. The actual costs of shipping or mailing will be charged. Whenever the actual, necessary, and direct cost to the police department of locating requested record(s) or information is $50.00 or more, the person requesting such record(s) or information will be required to reimburse the police department for such costs as a condition of processing the request.   An estimate of such costs will be provided to the requester unless the requester waives this estimate.  Advance payment may be required whenever the costs of reproduction and/or postage exceed $5.00 and whenever the cost of locating a record is $50.00 or more. 


Incident reports take a minimum of three to five business days before they are available for copies. The availability of incident reports depends largely upon what type of report it is. If an incident is under investigation we will not release a complete copy of the report. We will provide a copy of the front page of the report to use for insurance purposes or proof that the report exists if necessary. Incident reports are available pursuant to the Wisconsin open records laws.  

It generally takes five to ten business days, from the day of an accident, for the report to be available for copies. If it is a very serious accident, one involving many vehicles, or requiring an investigation, it will take longer.

Crash Reports (alternative option)

A copy of your crash report can be retrieved from the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation website. The website requests a document number, this number contains a combination of numbers and letters. The accident number requested on the website is NOT the number used on our reports filed (example: 18-000246). 

Reports can be obtained through the link below through the State of Wisconsin or by clicking on the banner titled "Get your accident report now"

WI DOT crash reports

Carfax crash doc banner (image of Carfax logo) Opens in new window