Village Board Members

Governing Officials

Menomonee Falls is governed by a president and a board of six trustees. The Village Board meets the first and third Mondays of each month to decide on policy for the village.

Village President Dave Glasgow

President David Glasgow Photo

W170N4990 Linden Ln
Phone: 262-532-4240

Meet the Trustees

Katie Kress

Trustee Katie Kress Photo

Seat# 1

N60W21501 Legacy Trl
Phone: 262-532-4240

Randy Van Alstyne

Trustee Randy Van Alstyne Photo

Seat# 2
Email Trustee Van Alstyne
N75W15375 Colony Rd
Phone: 262-532-4240

Tim Newman

Trustee Timothy Newman Photo

Seat# 3

N82W16121 Pine Tree Ct
Phone: 262-532-4240

Jeremy Walz

Trustee Jeremy Walz Photo

Seat# 4

W171N9345 Briarwood Ter
Phone: 262-532-4240

Steve Taggart

Trustee Steve Taggart Photo

Seat# 5
Email Trustee Taggart
N85W17082 Lee Pl
Phone: 262-532-4240

Paul Tadda

Trustee Paul Tadda Photo

Seat# 6

W142N6673 Memory Rd
Phone: 262-532-4240