Kitchen Fire Safety


  • Don't wear loose-fitting clothing around open flames.
  • Keep long hair pulled back.
  • Never leave anything cooking on your stove unattended.
  • Unplug portables when unattended. Keep cords away from hot surfaces, water, and near sinks.
  • Keep combustibles away from hot surfaces.
  • Turn pot handles toward the side of the range.
  • Do not use metal or plastic products in microwaves. Use only approved utensils and ware.
  • Keep burners and electrical equipment clean.
  • Know the location and how to use your fire extinguisher.
  • If a fire breaks out in a pan, put a lid on it.
  • If a fire breaks out in an oven or a microwave, turn off the appliance and close the door.
  • Replace any frayed cords, and discard / repair damaged appliances.
  • Use extra caution when deep-frying.
  • Do not use your range or stove to heat your home.
  • Call 9-1-1 in an emergency.