Changing a Court Date

Court Dates are Set

Court dates are assigned when the citation is issued. If a different court date is needed please contact the court clerk at (262) 532-4370.

If your citation says Mandatory Appearance, you are required to come to court. At this time you will meet with the Prosecutor, decide how to proceed, and then go before the judge to make a plea.

Court Date

Before the date set for court on your citation, you may:

  • Pay the forfeiture (fine)
  • Plan to come to court on that date and talk to the Prosecutor
  • Send a letter or not-guilty form (pdf) to the court advising them of your intent to contest the charges made in the citation.
  • Request a change, in writing, 1 week prior to your court date for an Adjournment.


The Prosecutor for the Village will present evidence, the defendant (you) will present evidence, and then the judge will make a determination of guilt. If found not-guilty, the citation will be dismissed and you may leave. If found guilty, you will:

Have up to 60 days to pay the forfeiture
Appeal the case within 20 days


Adjournments are not given the day of court. Adjournment requests must be made in writing and delivered to the Municipal Court one week prior to the court date.