Storm Water Utility Fee - 2024

The Village currently funds maintenance improvements of the storm water management system through the property tax levy, but this funding has not been able to keep pace with the need and current regulations. The user fee will be applied to utility bills starting in the first quarter of 2024. The Village’s storm water management system prevents flooding, improves water quality, and complies with state and federal regulations. Storm water that leaves the Village and runs off into nearby waterways is regulated by the State of Wisconsin through the Department of Natural Resources. All improved properties contribute to storm water runoff and the storm water utility user fee represents a more equitable approach versus property taxes for funding the storm water management system and Storm Water Utility. These user fees will be charged to ALL improved properties, just the same as other utility fees are charged to all properties that use the Utility’s services. For more information, please view the Storm Water Utility Presentation that was shared at Village Board meetings.

Responsible Rate Structure: Catch Basin

  • $5.74 per month or $68.88 per year per Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU)
  • Mid-range compared to other local communities with Storm Water Utility Fees

Two public information meetings were held to discuss the Storm Water Utility and the user fee. Please view the Presentation Slide Deck for more information.