COVID-19 Impacts on Village Operations

As of June 12, 2020 the following service adjustments have been implemented:

Village Hall & Public Meetings

At this time Village Hall remains open to the public. Staff is limiting physical in-person contact as much as possible. The Village is encouraging residents and businesses to access services online or by phone when possible.

On March 20, 2020, the Village President signed a Declaration of Emergency authorizing the Village Manager to address the ongoing public health emergency and take all steps necessary to protect the health/safety of Village employees and the community.

Municipal Court 

A notice with a new court date will be sent to the address listed on the traffic citation. 

Please contact the court by phone at 262-532-4370 or email for any questions or to update an address.

Public Works, Water & Sewer Utilities

The Menomonee River Cleanup event scheduled for April 18th has been cancelled.

Public Works Open House event scheduled for May 16th has been cancelled.

Water and Sewer supply services will continue to be provided to customers (regardless of account status) for the duration of the Emergency.

The Utilities Department has temporarily suspended the following ancillary services:

  • Private well water sampling
  • Non-urgent house and in-person visits
  • Water Meter Appointments/Removals and Replacements
  • High Water Consumption Inspections
  • Sewer backups are being addressed from the exterior of the home only

Making payments at the Clerks Office at Village Hall is strongly discouraged.  Please take advantage of our other Utility Bill Payment Options.

Please present your utility questions by phone (262) 532-4800 or email

Engineering & Development

The Engineering & Development office will open to the public on June 15, 2020.

Applications for Engineering & Development Department permits may be submitted through the new online Permit Portal. The Village is waiving credit card service fees applied for online for all Engineering & Development permits. Applicants are welcome to fill out applications online and submit a check payment by mail or in the drop box outside Village Hall.

For more information, or to discuss a permit or project call 262-532-4400.

Police Department

Access to the Police Department will be limited, however the public lobby will remain accessible during normal business hours.

In the event you require non-emergency police service, you may be asked to be contacted via the phone in order to ascertain if an in person response is required.

The Police Department has temporarily suspended tours and public speaking events, and fingerprint services.

Vehicle lock outs will be limited to extenuating safety circumstances

The Police Department will not accept food donations at this time.

Drug Box drop off will be suspended until further notice (Secure unwanted drugs in your home).

View this Press Release for additional details regarding Police Department operations changes. The Police Department shared this Emergency Management Update on March 25. 


Fire Department

Access to the Fire Department facilities will be limited; however the public lobby at the Administrative Offices will remain accessible during normal business hours. In the event you require non-emergency fire service, you may be asked to be contacted via the phone in order to ascertain if an in-person response is required.

All Fire Inspections will be temporarily halted until further notice.

All Public provided training or services provided by the Fire Department will be halted until further notice. Those include but are not limited to: CPR, Fire Extinguisher Checks, and the Citizen Fire Academy.

The Fire Department will temporarily suspend tours and public speaking events, and public education services.

The Fire Department will not accept food donations at this time.

View this Press Release for additional details regarding Fire Department operations changes.