2020 Census Complete Count Committee

The Village of Menomonee Falls established the Complete Count Committee (CCC) in 2018 to support the United States Census Bureau’s effort to count all of the Village’s residents in the 2020 decennial census. The aim of the committee is to engage the community to make sure that every person living in Menomonee Falls is counted. The CCC is spreading the word about the 2020 Census through messages in local publications, booths at community events, and outreach efforts for seniors and other hard to count populations. 

The CCC includes representatives from both the Menomonee Falls and Hamilton school districts, the Menomonee Falls Public Library, the Community Center, and Tri County YMCA. 

Why a Complete Count Matters

The 2020 Census is mandated in the US Constitution and the results are used for reapportionment of the US House of Representatives and for redistricting of state and federal legislative districts. The 2020 Census data will also guide the distribution of approximately $675 billion of federal funds and grants for schools, hospitals, roads, and public works projects. Locally,the data will be important for helping businesses, schools, and the Village make decisions about how to invest resources to most effectively serve the public.

What to Expect in 2020

March 12-20
An invitation to respond online to the 2020 Census (Some households will also receive paper questionnaires
March 16-24A reminder letter
If you haven’t responded yet
March 26-April 3A reminder postcard
April 8-16A reminder letter and paper questionnaire
 April 20-27A final reminder postcard before someone follows up in person

How to Get Involved
If you are interested in volunteering with the Complete Count Committee contact Tyler Zwagerman at 262-532-4278. If you are interested in working for the Census Bureau they are hiring for a variety of positions in the Milwaukee area. Visit the 2020 Census jobs webpage to learn more.





2020 Census Fact Sheet (PDF)

2020 Census Fact Sheet

2020 Census Flyer (PDF)

11 x 17 inch 2020 Census Flyer