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1. How do I pay my Water/Utility bill?
2. How often am I billed for water/sewer?
3. What is the average quarterly water/sewer bill?
4. How is my water/sewer bill calculated?
5. I will be moving in/out of Menomonee Falls, what do I need to do to start/cancel service?
6. Do I need a final read/bill done when I sell my home?
7. What is the hardness of my water?
8. Why do I have to permit my well if we don't drink the water?
9. Where can I test my well water other than the Village Water Utility?
10. What days and times do you accept water samples?
11. My water sample did not pass, what do I do?
12. How do you chlorinate (disinfect) a well?
13. What are coliforms?
14. What are fecal coliforms?
15. What is nitrate?
16. How much does it cost to abandon a well?