East Main Street

The Main Street corridor between Pilgrim Road and Interstate 41/US 45 plays an important role as a gateway to the Village of Menomonee Falls. This high visibility corridor links the Interstate, White Stone Station, and the historic Village Centre of Menomonee Falls. East Main Street is a targeted area for investment and we are highlighting properties that offer significant redevelopment potential. With the nearby White Stone Station area under construction, the time is right for the Village to focus on the future of underutilized parcels along East Main Street.

Development Goal

Continue to promote the revitalization of the Main Street corridor as a vibrant gateway into Menomonee Falls.
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Menomonee Falls is promoting an attractive and vibrant mix of uses along the East Main Street Corridor. The excellent visibility and connectivity of the corridor already serve a thriving business community, a growing resident population, and an active visitor market.
Please find a copy of the East Main Street Revitalization Corridor marketing packet by clicking on the image to the left. 

Please use the tabs below for an overview of the targeted sites for development and redevelopment along the East Main Street corridor.
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  1. Pilgrim & Main Retail
  2. North Area
  3. Parkway Connection
  4. East Area
  Map of Pilgrim Village