2015 Comprehensive Plan Update

The Village of Menomonee Falls has begun the process of updating the existing Comprehensive Plan which was created over a period of three years (2006-2008) and was adopted in December of 2008. Much has changed in the Village over the seven years since the Plan’s adoption. The Department of Community Development is leading the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update process in order to identify recent trends and ensure that current perspectives are reflected in community goals and objectives.

Plan Commission Meeting – March 8, 2016

The Plan Commission held a public hearing on the Draft 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update at their March 8th meeting. After considering issues raised during the public hearing, the Plan Commission recommended that the following three amendments be made.
  1. Removal of the proposed road between Flint Drive and Northfield Drive in the North Hills Study Area
  2. A change in the land use classification of 29.7 acres from Low Density Residential to Mixed Use in the North Hills Study Area
  3. A change in the land use classification of 12.3 acres from Institutional to Low Density Residential in the Southeast Study Area
The Village Board will be considering adoption of the Comprehensive Plan at their meeting on Wednesday, March 16th at 7:00 pm.

The DRAFT 2015 Comp Plan Update is now available:

The draft 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update and appendices are available above for your review. A public hearing will be held at the March 8th Plan Commission meeting where Village staff will give a presentation highlighting important features of the document and explain how the plan was developed. Plan Commission will have an opportunity to discuss the draft 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update, ask questions and provide recommendations for Village staff. Residents and other stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide comments during the public hearing. Pending a favorable recommendation from Plan Commission, the draft 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update will be presented to the Village Board for approval.

Paper copies of the draft 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update are available for review at the Menomonee Falls Public Library and the Department of Community Development office in Village Hall at W156 N8480 Pilgrim Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-3140. Comments regarding the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update may be submitted by email or by mail to Planning Technician Tyler Zwagerman at:

tzwagerman@menomonee-falls.org or Tyler Zwagerman
Village of Menomonee Falls
W156 N8480 Pilgrim Road
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-3140

Questions? Contact Tyler Zwagerman at 262.532.4278

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The Update process began in January 2015 with research on the existing conditions in Menomonee Falls. See the tabs below to learn more about the Update process and how you can participate.
  1. Plan Overview
  2. Get Involved
  3. Resource Library
What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a long range policy guide to the Village’s physical, social and economic development. Each of the elements (nine are required by state statutes) in the plan provides an inventory of the topic and related data, and identifies trends, goals, and policies for the future. The Comprehensive Plan provides direction for the community’s subdivision regulations, official mapping, and amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map.

Why are we updating our existing Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is meant to be a “living document” and was drafted with updates in mind. The existing Plan directs the Village to conduct a periodic plan review every five years and to consider a plan re-write every ten years in accordance with Wisconsin Comprehensive Planning legislation. The 2015 Update follows this direction by compiling current information about the community, and gathering up-to-date recommendations from residents, Village staff, Plan Commission, the Village Board, and other stakeholders. The 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update will review (and revise as needed) development forecasts and community goals that were established in a pre-recession economy.

How will the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update be developed?
Phase 1: Community Overview          (winter to spring 2015)
This phase aims to update the data and analysis of the existing Plan and identifies conditions and trends impacting the Village of Menomonee Falls in 2015. The work for this phase of the process began in January 2015 and the findings are summarized in the draft Community Overview Chapter. The draft is titled chapter two because in the final document it will follow an introduction chapter.

Phase 2: Issue Identification & Visioning          (spring to early fall 2015)
Public input will be gathered through multiple efforts including the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update Survey. Results of the survey and other public input efforts have been compiled by Village staff in a document called Public Outreach Summary. This input, along with the trends identified in the Community Overview phase, will help Village staff identify key issues related to topics like housing, transportation, economic development, and land use. With these issues in mind, staff will work with the Steering Committee to draft a vision for the future of Menomonee Falls. The Steering Committee will include Village staff from several departments, Plan Commission members, Village Board members, residents, and other community stakeholders.

Image 2 Community Overview

Phase 3: Goal Setting          (late summer to fall 2015)
The 19 existing goals (objectives) of the Comprehensive Plan will be reviewed as part of two community workshop events in the summer of 2015. In the fall, Village staff will work with the Steering Committee to analyze public input and revise existing Comprehensive Plan goals in support a common vision for the future.

Phase 4: Strategy Development          (fall to winter 2015-2016)
The Village will develop a plan to support the community goals adopted by the Steering Committee. The plan will include recommendations for future policies and actions to be taken by Village staff, appointed committees, the Village Board, and other community stakeholders in support of Comprehensive Plan goals.

Who is involved in the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update?

The Village of Menomonee Falls is leading in the planning efforts, and staff from several different departments will be involved throughout the process. The Department of Community Development is acting as the project manager for the Comprehensive Plan Update.
Representatives from existing committees (e.g. Plan Commission, Architectural Control Board), the Village Board, local public agencies, and local businesses will also help us identify issues, draft goals, and develop strategies for the future of the Village.  

Finally, and most importantly, public participation is crucial to developing a plan that meets our community’s needs. The planning process offers several different avenues for public participation. See the Get Involved tab for details.
Comprehensive Planning in Wisconsin

Under Section 66.1001 of the Wisconsin Statutes every governmental jurisdiction that regulates the use of land through a land division ordinance, shoreland zoning ordinance, general purpose zoning ordinance, or official map must have an adopted comprehensive plan. All comprehensive plans must meet the content requirements of Section 66.1001 Wisconsin Statutes, and have at a minimum the following nine sections:
  • Issues and Opportunities – Demographic, housing, and economic data, and a listing of applicable goals, objectives, and policies that guide the implementation of the comprehensive plan
  • Land Use – Existing and proposed future land uses 
  • Transportation – Existing and proposed transportation facilities and programs
  • Housing – Existing and future housing needs
  • Economic Development – Existing and future economic development activities
  • Community Facilities and Utilities – Existing and future community facilities and utilities, including sanitary sewer, storm water management, potable water, and municipal buildings and services
  • Agricultural, Natural, and Cultural Resources – Existing resources and policies that will be set in place to protect them 
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation – Discussion of opportunities for intergovernmental cooperation and coordination with bordering and overlapping public entities
  • Implementation – Description of how the recommendations contained within the plan will be set in motion
Health Element

In addition to the nine elements required by the state, the Village is developing a section focused on community health in Menomonee Falls. In recent years, evidence has grown regarding the connection between the built environment (streets, buildings, sidewalks, etc.) and population health outcomes. The health element will include data on local health issues including active living, food access, health care access, and environmental quality. The element will also list applicable goals, objectives, and policies.

The Village is establishing a temporary Health Advisory Committee to inform the creation of this new element. The Health Advisory Committee will include a combination of Village staff, public health officials, healthcare professionals, local food providers, and community recreation and education professionals. Content from the Health Advisory Committee meetings will be shared in the resource library section of this page.
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Further details and materials related to the Plan Update process will be added periodically on this page. Public input is crucial for this work. Please direct questions or comments regarding the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update to Tyler Zwagerman at (262) 532-4278 or at tzwagerman@menomonee-falls.org.