Road Maintenance Program

Asphalt Paving
(Project #41172)
The village asphalt paving program replaces asphalt pavement that has deteriorated to such a level that routine maintenance and road sealing is no longer effective. The asphalt paving program consists of removing and replacing the top 2 to 4 inches of asphalt from the road.

Providing new pavement aids in extending the serviceable life of the roadway which leads to overall cost savings by reducing the need for costly roadway reconstruction.

Road Sealing
The village uses sealing as a method of filling small cracks within asphalt pavements. Unsealed cracks allow water to percolate into the pavement which can cause significant damage during the freeze-thaw cycles that occur during the winter months.

The program consists of overlaying the existing asphalt with a tack coat and slag to seal the cracks and will extend the life of the asphalt pavement. Road sealing results in cost savings by delaying major street repair work such as asphalt overlay or complete pavement reconstruction.

If you have any questions regarding road maintenance or road reconstruction activities in your area, please contact the Public Works Department at 262-532-4700.