Curb, Gutter & Driveway Program

(Project #41171)
The village has a program to replace sections of concrete curb and gutter that have been determined to be defective by the village. The defective sections of curb and gutter usually have settled and exhibit poor drainage and ponding water which will percolate into the roadway sub-grade resulting in premature deterioration of the roadway pavement and costlier repairs.

Defective Sections of Curb & Gutter
If a defective section of curb and gutter is located through a driveway opening, the village will evaluate the property owners driveway approach and determine if the approach should be replaced. The property owner has the option to have the approach replaced under the program at the owner's expense.
If you have any questions regarding curb, gutter, and driveway program in your area, please contact the Engineering Department at 262-532-4400