Clerk Services

Welcome to the Village of Menomonee Falls Clerk's page!

The Clerk Services department is responsible for a variety of duties:
  • Agendas and Minutes - Agendas for most current boards and committee meetings are generated here and distributed for public reference
  • Board of Review
  • Legal Notices
  • Licensing
  • Maintenance of Village records including past minutes and subdivision information
  • Village Ordinances
  • Amusement and cigarette permits (see links below) 
  • Voter registration and local elections
  • Applications for food peddler, liquor, operators license, and dog licenses  (see links below)
  • Permits for park use, block parties, and special events (see links below)
  • Water utility payments (can be made in the office or dropped in the payment box to the left of the front doors)
  • Answers to questions about real estate tax bills and payment options.
  • and more!


Open Book

In spring of each year, residents can review the current year assessment roll. This session is called Open Book. This allows you to compare your property assessment to other similar properties in the community. If you have specific questions about your home and the value listed, we encourage you to speak with the Village Assessor. Once you have talked with the assessor, you may find these links beneficial:


NEXT ELECTION -- August 9, 2016 Partisan Primary

bring it


Information for all Elections

Polls are open from 7 am to 8 p.m. on Election day. Register early at to save time at your polling location. You can also see if you are already registered at the correct address.

Unsure where to vote, check out our Polling Locations. If you are still unsure, stop by or call Clerk Services.
Or you can print out the Registration Form and bring it to the Clerk's Office. Please make sure you have current proof of residency. (Utility Bill, Tax Bill, Driver License)      
Not going to be in town on election day or you are unable to make it to the polls? Fill out the Absentee Ballot Request Form and bring it to the Clerk's Office. Please make sure you have a current photo ID. (Driver License, WI State ID, US Passport, US Uniformed Services, Tribal ID, Certificate of Naturalization)       


Additional Licenses and Permits

Amusement - Code Sections 10-81 thru 10-114 and 42-10(3)b
Carnival Circus Application - Code Sections 10-21 and 42-10(1)
Dance Hall Application - Code Sections 10-136 thru 10-162 and 42-10(4)
Fireworks Permit - Code Sections 62-66 thru 62-72 and 42-62
Food Peddler - Code Sections 70-66 thru 70-86 and 42-70(b)
Neighborhood Block Party - Code Sections 106-257 and 42-106(c)
Operators-Bartenders License - Code Sections 6-3, 6-27(10), 6-36, 6-42, and 42-6(8)
Pawnbroker Application - Code Sections 74-21 thru 74-43 and 42-74
Special Events
Theater Application - Code Sections 10-41 thru 10-61 and 42-10(2)
Towing License Application - Code Sections 118-41 thru 118-44 and 42-118(a)
Transient Merchant Application - Code Sections 70-21 thru 70-45 and 42-70(a)
Unenclosed Premise Permit - Code Sections 6-31 and 42-6(11)

Links to State Alcohol Licenses

AT-106 Original Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application: 

AT-115 Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application (Fillable): 

AT-104 Schedule for Appointment of Agent: 

AT-103 Auxiliary Questionnaire: 

CTP-200 Application for Cigarette and Tobacco Products: 

CTP-121 License Application for Pawnbroker/Dealer: 

AT-315 Application for Temporary Class “B”/”Class B” Retailer’s License:

Please note: No permit or application is considered valid unless proof of payment and department authorization is present with these applications.

For more information on the licenses, please contact the Clerk Services department.