Certified Municipality

On March 31, 2003, the State of Wisconsin certified the Village of Menomonee Falls for commercial building code enforcement, including primary responsibility for review of building and heating plans for all new commercial buildings of less than 50,000 cubic feet total volume, and alterations involving less than 100,000 cubic feet volume.

State approved plans are required UNLESS:
  • Project is a new building or structure containing less than 5,000 square feet of total floor area.
  • Project is an addition to a building or structure where the area of the addition results in the entire building or structure containing less than 5,000 sq. ft. of total floor area; or
  • Project is an alteration of a space involving less than 10,000 square feet of total floor area.
Requirements for State Approval Application
All plans must be of sufficient detail to show that requirements of the codes have been met.
  • Two complete sets of plans plus two signed index cover sheets stamped by the designer. The plans may be for the building, HVAC, general lighting and emergency egress lighting and/or structural components (trusses, precast concrete, metal building), either in combination or separately. One full set of plans will be forwarded to the Fire Department at this time for review.
  • Completed Wisconsin Department of Commerce Application for Review SBD 118 Check made payable to the Village of Menomonee Falls, in the amount shown in Wisconsin Administrative Code section Comm. Table 2.31-2 (bottom of page).
  • For new buildings and additions to existing buildings, four copies of a plat of survey showing all buildings (existing and proposed) on the property, distances between them, distance to all lot lines, street access and any accessibility issues (parking, accessible route, etc.)
If the contractor of the project has been determined, a completed Village of Menomonee Falls Application for Building Permit may be submitted at this time.

Additional Information
Submit application to the Building Department. The village will forward the submittal to Independent Inspections, Ltd. (IIL) for review. If any questions arise, IIL will contact the applicant to resolve any concerns.

IIL will return the approved plans to the village for completion of the local permitting process. The stamped, state approved set will be retained by the Building Department. Two stamped index sheets will be returned to the applicant.

Subsequent information, including additional fees and a grading and erosion control plan, may be required for the village permit application process.