Student Stormwater Expo

2015 Student Stormwater 6th Annual Expo
Thank you to all the students who attended the Conference last year in 2014.  Next years event will be on:

Friday, May 8th, 2015  from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
At the Menomonee Falls Fire Station #3 on Lilly Road This event is an educational event for the 7th graders of North Middle School.
Exhibitor Registration Form

North Middle School
The Science classes at North Middle School will be attending this years Stormwater Expo hearing presentations on "What is your Yard (water)Shed" and "Going with the Flow".  Students will be also asking questions of each of the exhibitors to fill in their educational Passport at the event.

During the day of the event the Fire Station Lobby will have on display Posters and Dioramas of Environmental topics created by the students. 

“Help Keep the Falls Running Clear”
  Think Winter Thaw, Spring Rains and Summer Projects
Ways how you can improve Menomonee Falls Stormwater Runoff Quality
Preserving Water Quality for Our Future! 
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