Our Local Water Supply

Our Local Water Supply
  • The Village of Menomonee Falls Water Utility has two major sources of drinking water, surface water and ground water.
  • Lake Michigan water is purchased from Milwaukee Water Works. This serves Menomonee Falls eastern portion of the Village and is supplied through two booster stations.
  • In addition, to water purchased from Milwaukee, the Utility maintains seven well sites throughout the Village and a total of four pressure zones. Even though water is purchased from Milwaukee, these wells are maintained and used for emergency back up in the surface water zone.
  • The source for the western portion of the Village are three wells drilled into the ground water basin.
The Utility pumps an average of four and a half million gallons of water per day to our customers in the service area. Depths of our wells range from 65 to 1,400 feet. Storage consists of four reservoirs and four water towers. The storage insures water availability during periods of high demand and provides water pressures throughout the system.

Historical Data
 1958 1,215 Customers
 1968 3,735 Customers
 1978 4,488 Customers
 1989 6,446 Customers
 1996 9,124 Customers
 2009 11,785 Customers
 2013 11,910 Customers