Other Station 4 Equipment

HazMat Trailer 2742
Haz Mat Trailer 2742
Manufacturer: Interstate One
Special equipment:
  • Spill containment equipment
  • Decon equipment
  • Anthrax response kit
  • Portable hot water heater
  • Over-pack drums
Rehab Trailer 2741
Rehab Trailer 2741
Manufacturer: Haulmark / B&B Trailers
Year Constructed: 2005
Special equipment:
  • Used on long-duration incidents for rehabilitation of crews.
  • Trailer contains a bathroom, refrigerator, and seating for personnel.
  • An on-board generator provides power for the lighting, heating and air conditioning, as well as numerous other appliances.
Trench Rescue Unit 2743
Trench Rescue Unit 2743
Manufacturer: Mac Lander
Special equipment:
  • Air-operated shoring
  • Screw jack shoring
  • Circular saws
  • Full complement of hand tools
  • Various sizes of shoring
  • Extension ladders
Utility Truck 2789
Utility Truck 2789
Manufacturer: Ford F-350
Year Constructed: 2003

Ambulance 2754
Manufacturer: MedTec
Chassis: Ford
Year Constructed: 1997
Seating Capacity: Driver, Officer, Two EMTs
Ambulance 2754
Special equipment
  • Capable of transporting two patients
  • Defibrillator
  • Oxygen bag
  • Trauma bag
  • Med. bag
  • IV box
  • On-board oxygen system
  • Splints

Survive Alive House 2730
Survive Alive House 2730
Manufacturer: Mobile Concepts by Scotty
Year Constructed: 1999
Use: To teach fire prevention at various sites throughout community.
Included Inside: Kitchen, living room with fire place, and a second floor bedroom to simulate a typical home and to show the fire hazards associated with each area.