Contested Citation (Not Guilty)

Letter Required

To contest a citation:
  • Send a letter or Not Guilty form (pdf) to the Municipal Court prior to your court date.

Initial Court Appearance

If you do not send a letter or Not Guilty form pleading not guilty, you may appear at the date and time indicated on your citation.

After the letter is sent, you do not need to appear at the initial court appearance. You will be notified by mail of the pre-trial date.

Pre-Trial Conference

There will be a pre-trial conference date when you can speak with the Village Prosecutor. If a mutual resolution is made, a stipulation and order form will be signed.

The judge will review the agreement and either accept or reject the proposal. If no agreement is made, a trial date is set.


At trial, before the municipal judge, each part - village and defendant - has the right to call witnesses, and to submit documentary or physical evidence on their behalf.

Each party also has the right to cross-examine each witness called by the other side.

At the conclusion of the case, the judge will issue a decision.

Appeals may be requested within twenty (20) days of being found guilty at a trial. Appeal request forms, instructions, and fee requirements are given after each trial.

Restitution Hearing

If a person disputes the amount actually owed in restitution, a restitution hearing can be scheduled.