Erosion Control Permit

Permit Overview

An Erosion Control Permit is required for any land disturbing activity that:
  • Affects a surface area of 4000 square feet or more
  • Affects 400 cubic yards or more of soil
  • Is within 200 feet of a lake, stream, or wetland
Please fill out the Erosion Control Permit Application for industrial, institutional, commercial, grading, filling and utility projects and return it to the Engineering Department for review. If you have any questions feel free to contact the us at 262-532-4411 or refer to the Erosion Control Code Chapter 38.

Please refer to the Community Development Department for any questions regarding erosion control for single-family houses, duplexes and two-unit condos. You may reach us at 262-532-4270 for any questions regarding erosion control, grade plans, and building permit status for projects located in subdivisions and condo developments.


The fee for an Erosion Control Permit for single-family units, duplexes and two-unit condos is $120.

The fee for an Erosion Control Permit for multi-family, industrial, institutional, commercial, filling and grading projects is $150 plus a monthly inspection charge until the site is permanently landscaped and stabilized, and all engineering concerns are satisfied.

The erosion control permit fees for utility and subdivision projects are based on the size of the project.


  • Erosion control devices such as silt fence are required to remain on the lot and be maintained until the landscaping is completed.
  • Temporary seeding is recommended until the site is permanently landscaped and must be done by October 15 of the present year if the site is not being permanently landscaped before winter.
  • Grow grasses commonly used in regularly cut lawns.
  • Single-family and two-family residence, and multi-family residence occupancy permits issued from:
January 1 through June 30, must have the permanent landscaping installed by October 31 of the current year or sooner.

July 1 through December 31, must have the permanent landscaping installed by the following consecutive July 31 or sooner.
  • The landscaping of a lawn can simply be completed and is highly recommended earlier than the deadline. Only the installment of a lawn is required under the erosion control ordinance. It is best to start planning ahead with your landscaper and schedule without delay.
  • It is important to adhere to the temporary and permanent seeding deadlines.


  • Silt fence must be maintained and regular monthly inspections will continue until the landscaping is completed and sufficient growth is established.
  • Owners should check their silt fence weekly and 24 hours after a rain event. Repairs must be made immediately.
  • Construction sites are inspected by the village starting the second Monday of every month and at the end of every month.
  • Owners, builders, developers and/or contractors are subject to comply with the erosion control ordinance and deadlines. Notifications are sent for violations of the ordinance and a correction date given. Failure to comply may result in a municipal citation.